Genital oedema: male and female perspectives

Thursday, June 10, 2021 09:20 - 09:45

This session will commence with the introduction of the diversity of the normal genital shape for men and women. We will review the potential causes of genital oedema and look at how the swelling may distort the genitalia and affect basic functions such as micturition.  Assessing genital oedema can be complex as not only does it present with a physical distortion, but also emotionally, these people can be vulnerable and distressed by the time they get to a lymphoedema clinic.  We will look at assessment forms that can guide your subjective information and discuss the physical examination. Finally, we will explore potential conservative treatments, as well as briefly touching on surgical options for this patient group.

Cheryl Pike, National Macmillan Innovations Lymphoedema Specialist, Swansea Bay University Health Board