Benefits of Lymphoedema Deployment into Community Services during COVID-19

Thursday, June 10, 2021 12:00 - 12:30

Discussing the value and benefit of this deployment for patients and the NHS. The lymphoedema service continued to deliver services  throughout the pandemic however also supported community services with the management of forty patients currently on the community case load. 97% of these patients presented with lower limb wounds and chronic oedema, but only 43% were known to the lymphoedema service. These patients were seen exclusively by the lymphoedema therapist’s over the four month period, increasing and altering many of the patient’s compression, resulting in 20% of patients being discharged off the community case load, and a further 20% requiring less visits. Also working with unregistered staff to upskill and facilitate safe delegation. This deployment clearly demonstrates lymphoedema therapists as compression experts and their ability to reduce inefficiencies in both dressing costs and nursing time. Reinforcing the value of the on the ground clinical lympheodema educator’s role within the NHS.

Karen Morgan, National Lymphoedema Education Lead in Wales , Lymphoedema Network Wales NHS in Wales (SBUHB)