Increasing patient motivation and enhancing self-care


The 6th National Lymphoedema Conference: ‘Increasing patient motivation and enhancing self-care’ will bring together the leading specialists  in the discipline to present and inspire discussion on the issues and debates that are most relevant to lymphoedema treatment and research today.

Attending the conference will:

• Provide insight into the latest developments in lymphoedema management
• Give you a clear understanding of varicose eczema and chronic swelling and the basics of dermatology
• Provide information on how to set up a Red Leg service in your area
• Give you the opportunity to explore the impact of compression after surgery
• Highlight the challenges in managing the obese patient and of providing cost-effective wound care
• Give you a chance to share and exchange your ideas with other professionals in the field

Target audience:

Lymphoedema clinical nurse specialists
Community nurses with an interest in lymphoedema treatment
Nurse specialists in disciplines that overlap with lymphoedema (e.g. dermatology)
Nurse consultants developing their practice and training others
Healthcare assistants
Any other professional with an interest in lymphoedema

Feedback from the 2018 event:

I have learnt a lot today - knowledge that I will share with my team.
I thought the whole thing was informative and very relevant
Another very good conference. Very informative, probably the best lymphoedema conference available